Sunday, September 11, 2016

The farm is growing!

Our farm is growing, growing, growing!  We have been producing so much food and have begun selling at Eastern Marker through Grown in Detroit, a Detroit-only farmer's cooperative.  This has been an amazing experience, giving us a foot in the door at Eastern Market and connecting us with dozens of other farmers and gardeners in the city.  We also sell food from the farmstand on the farm following a "pay what you can" model, and give away food to people in our neighborhood and volunteers.

If you are interested in purchasing food, or volunteering, feel free to visit the farm on Robinwood St. or visit the Grown in Detroit table at Eastern Market Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

There is a lot going on...

We have been busy the last several weeks in the garden!  We have almost all of our garden space planted with a wide variety of crops - tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, corn, greens, squash, the list goes on. 

In bigger news...we have been applying for grants with the non-profit and are finalists in a grant competition!  On Thursday, June 23rd, we will be giving a presentation along with two other finalists in front of a voting audience.  Whoever gets the most votes is awarded $3000 for their project.  Third place is given $1000 to help their cause, so either way we have already won.  However, we need you!  Please come show your support for Fireweed and the other great projects happening around Detroit. 

Thursday, June 23rd.  6pm
3434 Russell St. Detroit

Event link:

If you can't make the event, we would still love to see you down in the neighborhood!  There is a lot to do in the garden and bike shop, and many more projects in the works . 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Get involved!

We are very grateful for the awesome support we have received this year. Please join us as we work to co-create a beautiful environment and help empower our local community.

The farming project has volunteer days on Saturday and Tuesday starting at 11.
Please join our Facebook group to get up to date information on work days and gatherings

Gardening and farming program 2016

This year we have expanded our operation. We are now farming on Robinwood which gives us the space we need to increase food production.

There has been great progress in working new land, developing improved water collection systems and additional infrastructure like our new farmstand!
Take a look at some the this progress!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Neighborhood beautification

Fireweed is continuosly working to beautify our surrounding neighborhood. There is a park on the corner of Robinwood and Charleston that has been created and maintained by Fireweed. The photos included in this post show a tree planting day on April 12, 2016 where over 60 trees and bushes were planted in DA Park and surrounding areas.

Fireweed updates for 2016

Hello All,

It's been some time since this blog has been updated. We are working on growing our social media presence and you will see updates from us more often.

We've been very busy over the past months with home renovation, bike shop organizing, garden development and neighborhood beautification. Over the next several posts you will be able to see our progress in these areas.

Thank you all for your support. If you havent had a chance yet please subscribe to our Facebook group for up to date info on work days and gatherings. You can access our group at


Monday, February 22, 2016

What's going on

These random spurts of nice weather have had all of us in good spirits and our productivity has been great.  In the last several weeks we have built a new farmstand on Robinwood that will sell fresh produce with a "pay what you can, take what you need" spirit.   With the help of a great group of couchsurfers we began construction on a new chicken pen so that we can expand our chicken operation.  Our bike mechanics have been attending classes so they can increase their skill set and experience with fixing bikes.  We have also been meeting frequently to discuss the implementation and expansion of these projects as we move toward spring.

Events coming up: 

  • Wednesday, February 24 7pm 
  • Meet and greet potluck at the U.I.O building
  People within the community will have the opportunity to present their projects and plans for the year and get to know their neighbors better

  • Saturday, February 27 12pm
  • Clean up at DA Park
Clean up DA Park at Charleston and Robinwood.  This will include trash pick up and landscaping, as well as planning for the future of DA Park.

Many events, work days, and meetings are in the works.  We will post updates as we can, and are looking forward to what will be a great year in the Fireweed community!