Get Involved!

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Upcoming events:

501(c)(3) Board meeting feb 15th, 2017, 6pm

Community meeting March 8th, 2017, noon

Farm/garden/greenhouse group meeting (tba)

Stay tuned for spring time bike shop and garden workshops!


Come with ideas to share: There are many opportunities for people in the Detroit area to get involved.Jump into a project we are already doing, or pitch your idea to us!

For the love of community: We come from different backgrounds, and want to spread our wings even further, but it all comes back to the love we have for our neighborhood.

Pay us a visit: We have already had help from Canada, Germany, and Seattle, and are looking to increase our network of friends, allies, and volunteers.



Winter in the D can be cold! Even a warm winter like this one has it's challenges. Here are a few ways we keep warm:

Making your house energy efficient
Energy-saving measures...Hanging plastic and blankets or flat sheets,
Reducing Air Infiltration by caulking and weather stripping, keeping heat in and cold out
Wood as fuel (a reliable, renewable home-heating fuel)
felling, bucking, splitting and stacking properly
Sourcing wood from dead, or dying trees.
Maintaining Tools and techniques for harvesting wood (felling a tree and pivoting techniques)
Chainsaw and axe repair and maintenance
Building custom wood burning stoves for each homes' needs


With the help of so many volunteers, we have made a lot of progress in the past year, but there is still a lot of garbage to take care of. People have made 'no dumping' signs in artistic fashion. Three vacant lots formerly filled with trash have been converted into a clean park. Making the neighborhood look better will take time.We will always accept donations of Garbage bags and gloves for clearing the lots. We need help weed whipping  carrying debris with wheel barrows once the snow melts!


Harvesting the last of the vegetables and planting for the upcoming season is right around the corner. We are still picking broccoli from our gardens, and we are planning new gardens for next year. Last year we had a HUGE surplus of tomatoes and kale, so make sure you get some this year! Stay tuned for weather-dependent events in spring.


We have been blessed with a large donation of bicycle parts, so many in fact, that our shop is in need of a reorganization. Our bike shop is looking to expand. Stay tuned for bike shop volunteer days.