Mission Statement

Tl;dr The mission of Fireweed is to aid community development, especially in the 7 mile and Woodward area through holistic, healthy methods including but not limited to: vacant Lot/ building maintenance; gardening; bicycle repair; healthy food; and neighborhood events.

Fireweed Universe-City is a grassroots movement to realize a sustainable, eco-friendly community of Universal Consciousness. 

Self-sustaining Sustainability is the ability to meet the present needs of a population while living within the capacity of supporting environments. To be sustainable, the sustenance of life must be provided by means that ensure the ability of future generations to meet their own needs; so that all of Life on Earth may be.In terms of community, sustainability is achieved when its members collectively contribute as much energy as they extract. When more energy is extracted by the members than is contributed, there is a deficit within the community; which must be filled from external sources or else the community faces decline or collapse. If the community’s members contribute more energy than they extract, then an excess is produced that permits expansion of the community. Localizing our economy in this way is to be distinguished from isolationism, as we seek a constant renewal of social interaction, community membership and cultural infusion from diverse walks of life.In creation of the Fireweed community, we are resolving many fundamental socioeconomic challenges of today’s world by implementing a model of holistic sustainability. This model encompasses all aspects of human life: love, health, economy, ecology, community, culture, social justice, art/beauty, and spirit. We endeavor for these elements of living to be integrated so that to develop any one of them is beneficial to all of them, in turn creating an environment conducive to humanity’s development and perfect existence.

Eco-friendly Fireweed’s intent is to exist harmoniously with the natural world. Improving the quality of life for humanity cannot come at the expense of the ecological welfare of the Earth. All human consumption is provided for by plants, animals, and the natural resources of our planet. Our very lives are interconnected and interdependent upon all Life on Earth. Having an abundant life of sustenance necessitates a reverence for our environment. We seek to ensure the availability of resources for future generations. Fireweed continuously develops lifestyle habits conscious of our environmental footprint and the welfare of the Earth. Through practices of prevention, reduction, reutilization, and recycling, we strive to ultimately have zero waste. By living within the balance of nature we realize harmonious existence.

Community Fireweed Universe-City is creating an environment that encourages and inspires all of its members toward self-actualization. Fireweed recognizes the beauty and sovereignty of the individual as well as the diversity and strength of community. We facilitate the progress of both entities by developing and nurturing synergetic, interpersonal relationships.Being rooted in an abandoned and desolate neighborhood in Detroit at Woodward and 7 Mile, we are creating from the ashes a consciously evolving community; proving that unity and conscious awareness are prominent tools for implementing positive change in a community that lacks substance. Detroit is becoming a place of real change and hope as Fireweed and other communal, grassroots movements act locally with a global awareness. Uplifting humanity is a process of healing, empowering, and transforming one person, one family, one house at a time.

Universal Consciousness It is Spirit, the essence of being human, that connects us to each other, and to all of Life. Spirit is and is of everything in the Universe—the Oneness of Life.Spirit, if it is at all effable, may be described by the self-evident, universal principles of Love, Peace, Wisdom, Joy, and Sovereignty—bestowed upon us by the Great Spiritual Teachers throughout the ages. Being conscious, aware, and living by these universal principles, humanity realizes perfect existence. Fireweed Universe-City accepts all humanity; is conscious of these universal principles in our daily lives; and reveres the Oneness of Life.
Fireweed is a flowering herb that is famous for colonizing land burnt by forest fires. 

It is a pioneer species that helps to revitalize an ecosystem. Quite fittingly, we are the FIREWEED OF DETROIT! For more information...ask!