Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Update

Greeting and Namaste,

Plenty of news here at Fireweed Universe City.

♥ Spring is approaching and it's time for our annual spring clean up.Fireweed Universe-City has requested the community's support onceagain on Saturday, March 23, 2013 to clean up the Neighborhood in theSeven Mile and Woodward area. This will be a great way to get involvedin the Fireweed Universe-City Community Project. Let"s fill every curbwith trash and get it out of the community so that we can move forwardwith more gardens.  This is an all day event. Morning arrival ispreferred but you are welcome to come when you can. Potluck Supperwill begin at 5 pm at the Bottle House 169 Golden Gate 48203. If youcan't bring a dish it's no worries. Vegan Pasta will be provided.

♥ Our gardening efforts are expanding this year. We will be gardeningthe two lots of the totem pole garden, inside the greenhouse,constructing more raised beds, in both the bike shop yard and the"Welcome Home" yard and there is talk of some large market gardens onRobinwood. If you would like to get involved with the gardeningefforts please contact us.

♥ Here at Fireweed Universe-City no one goes hungry, everyone has awarm place to sleep, and clothing is offered to anyone in need. We areas self sustaining as possible but could always use donations, food,clothing, furniture, chainsaw, mattresses for communityhouse/infoshop, couches, extension cords, gutters, plumbing supplies,candles, coat hangers for the free store, extra hand tools... oranything you think might come in handy when building a community outof the ruins. Donations can be brought to the "Welcome Home" Locatedat 142 W. Golden Gate 48203

♥ Annual Bike Drive is in full effect. Clear out the garage and donateyour old bicycle to help mobilize Detroit. Bicycles can be dropped offat Innate Healing Arts Center 18700 Woodward Ave 48203

♥ Fireweed Universe City can now be reached directly via google voiceat 313.444.9143

In Lak'ech Ala K'in,

Mars Psyence

Fireweed Universe-City