Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hello Dear Friends and Family of Fireweed Universe City!
It is with our great pleasure that we announce that we have applied and been accepted as a 501(c)3 non-profit!
What does this mean? --
As an officially recognized 501c3, we can now begin to organize, and formalize a structure to help facilitate donations, apply for grants, and continue to provide more resources, and opportunities for the community.  If you have projects within the community, and you need help with planning, fund-raising, and volunteer coordination please get in touch with us!

Our Current (ongoing) Community Projects:

The Boys with a haul of wood

Wood Collection An activity that Unites our Neighbors! Wood collection for firewood, building materials, and mulch is an ongoing project. If you have donations, we can pick them up! If you are in need up supplies, contact us for more information.

Free Store:
Garage sale over?  Unsold stuff?Don’t trash it; Don’t stash it! Give it away!Warm clothing (coats, socks, boots) are priority inventory. Our item donation program is taking place at 159 W. Goldengate. All items donated and distributed freely.

Gardening Planning/Seed Banking:

We are currently collecting seeds! After last

Michael happy as a clam on Christmas

weeks meeting of neighbors, we have plans for 4 gardens this spring. Crops grown and distributed will include Onions, tomatoes, various herbs, potatoes, grapes, corn, and other delicious vegetables.

Food Distribution:
We have been working within the community to coordinate a mass food distribution. So far it has been a collaborative effort with much success! (Meaning within a week of the proposed project, we were able to cook and distribute 50lbs of hot soup, for free). We would like to expand this project and make it a regularly scheduled, weekly event.
Bicycle and Gardening Youth Programs:
We are expanding our youth program.  As well as bike workshop days  that are currently ongoing sunday 10a-2p, we would like to include art and gardening programs.  Art supplies are needed, and we have been asking the kids at the bike workshop days to draw a picture of themselves on a bike anywhere they can possibly imagine. Donations for bicycle components and art supplies can be dropped off at any time by contacting us.

Shane hard at work as usual

We have also been keeping a list of kids that are interested in having/maintaining a singular tomato starter plant that they will be able to grow in  a small raised bed at their home. Eventually, these seedlings will be planted in our youth gardening space this spring right here on Golden Gate.