Thursday, January 7, 2016

Requesting ideas

Good news! A very kind friend of the community has donated some money and asked that it be put to good use. We thought it would be a good idea to let the community at large to decide how to use it.

We need a plan on how to best spend $1000. We have been asked to make sure that the money be used in a way that benefits everyone involved in Fireweed, so make sure to spread the word for those in our community who don't get on the internet.

Keep in mind, a good idea will have the following characteristics:

1) The idea will benefit everyone at Fireweed. We have been specifically asked to use the money in this way
2) It will be a fully formed idea. The amount of time and elbow grease it takes to complete should be included in the proposal along with an explanation of where the elbow grease will come from
3) It will be reasonable based on the budget of $1000.

Submissions do not have to be long, but need to be complete. Something longer than a status update but shorter than a Charles Dickens novel would be appropriate. If you have an idea please submit it in writing to fireweeduniversecity If you would rather submit a hard copy or handwritten idea, please give it to someone who lives at the Slide House or the Blue House.

We need ideas on or before January 31st. After that, we will read them and choose three or so that, aren't too similar, and meet the above guidelines. Then we will put it to a vote! Which idea deserves $1000 for the good of our community?

Not everyone who is part of Fireweed uses the internet, so please spread the word by mouth, phone, smoke signal, etc. We need lots of good ideas (and even bad ideas too, because they can be useful sometimes, as well).