Wednesday, November 20, 2013

To Our Fireweed Universe City Friends and Family:
Greetings All! We are writing to inform you about the recent happenings around the community that is ~Freweed Universe-City~ (located between 6 and 7 mile off Woodward on West Goldengate).

A lot has been happening and we hope you will want to be involved!
This Saturday the 23rd  starting at noon until dark, we will be having a Community Volunteer Work Day! This means we will be working on top priority community projects.
This weeks community projects include:
-       Constructing wood burning stoves for heating purposes for two community houses
-       Insulating houses
-       ROCKET STOVE construction

Things to bring:
-       Friends!
-       Tools!
-       Dress warmly!

Resources Needed
-       Steel barrels (55 gallon)
-       Stove piping (for wood-burning and rocket stove)
- Venting pipe  (all 8in diameter)
- 7ft long
- 4ft long
- C shaped pipe
- Plugs- 90-degree elbow
            - Straw
            - Bricks
            - Insulation
            - Sheet Metal Screws            - Cordless Drills
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us! We hope to be seeing old faces, meeting new friends, and combining forces to help change Detroit!

Thank you so much for your interest in what we hope will be an ever-expanding project of our community!

Peace and love,
The community members of Fireweed Universe City and West Golden Gate Family