Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nick works on the Rocket Stove at 159.

Hello Friends and Family of Fireweed Universe-City, and a very Happy New Year!
Well winter is certainly amongst us! Sorry for the absence and lack of updates but we have been busy continuously preparing for the bitter cold. We have been very blessed with friends donating wood to the community. We are keeping warm with our wood burning steel barrel stoves.  The zen mentality of chop wood/carry water is in full effect every day.  It is certainly a learning experience for us all. We are currently burning about six stoves through out the community and make sure that any donations are divided evenly amongst the homes.  This means that wood is burned through fast! If you or anyone you know would have any leads on down/dead trees, Fireweed has two chainsaws, and limited access to a truck, and would very much appreciate the opportunity to come and collect wood! Also, blankets are also greatly utilized, not only for warmth, but insulation as well. Thank you so much for your interest in this growing project and community. We look forward to sharing with you our progress, as we have many ideas that are brewing and will be actualized in the coming months!
For now: survival mode.  Stay warm and safe everyone! Much love.

Chopping wood after cutting down a dead tree on Robinwood.  Thanks to our friend Dan for the help! Also: a snowball fight ensues.